Friday, May 16, 2014

seven quick takes friday - ed. 20

1. Yesterday morning I walked into the living room to see Jack hanging up the phone with a funny look on his face. "That was HM3," he said. "He says there's an active shooter at the hospital. He said it's not a drill." We both immediately grabbed the nearest internet-connected devices to try to find out more information-- but there was nothing. Texted communications with Jack's colleagues seemed to point out that this was real, but we still felt more puzzled than anything else. After about an hour, Jack got the all-clear-- there wasn't a shooter after all, it was nothing.

Later that day I read this article and started laughing out loud: Naval Hospital on Lockdown over Miscommunication. Apparently as part of the pre-demolition routine before knocking down the old hospital (adjacent to the new one), the workers were wandering around firing air guns at pigeons who'd taken up residence in the building, and they had neglected to notify anyone that they were doing so.

I still laugh every time I think about it. It's just so very Guam. Military lockdowns + locals shooting at pigeons + lack of official notification of anything.

2. Scary stuff: Ohio Measles Outbreak Largest in USA Since 1996. Make sure you and your kids are vaccinated!

3. My mom sent this picture to me. She knows me so well.

Stand-uppy functionality is vital.

4. Maybe Faith and I will color Easter eggs this weekend. I've realized this is an unforeseen but awesome benefit of Catholicism-- procrastination is rewarded. After all, it's still Easter, you guys!

5. I stumbled onto this on Pinterest, watched the video, and was immediately charmed and motivated to buy said placemats and try this out myself. What do you think? Crazy and ridiculous? Or adorable and totally doable?

6. I made the Pioneer Woman's "The Best Coffee Cake Ever" this week and you should too. If you love streusel topping and buttery-soft cakes, it will live up to its name. We've been eating it over the course of the week since Sunday, keeping it covered (but not completely air-tight) and it hasn't gone stale, either, not even a little.

Yum. (This is the PW's photo, not mine.)

7. I'm going to go ahead and cheat, and use my seventh take to link you back to Jen.


  1. THANK YOU!!!! We totally still haven't colored our Easter eggs. I don't feel so alone any more.

  2. Right? It wasn't until Holy Thursday rolled around that I was like, "Oh... Easter's coming soon... I guess we should do Easter stuff now?" But then I remembered, NO RUSH, THANKS LITURGICAL CALENDAR!