About Me


I'm Emily, and I'm glad you've come to visit. Let me introduce you to my many roles:

1. Evangelical-to-Catholic convert since Easter 2009, a few months after I became the...
2. Wife to my love Jack, who started off as my med-school study buddy, which is how I became a...
3. Pediatrician, working part-time in an outpatient clinic near where we...
4. Live on Guam since the summer of 2013 (thanks to the Navy), where I spend the rest of my time as...
5. Mom to two sweet and strong-willed little girls, one a preschooler and one a snuggly and energetic toddler, as well as a squishy new baby boy, which doesn't leave me much time to...
6. Read all the books and drink all the coffee I'd like to, though I do try my best.


Here's my supporting cast:

Jack (okay, officially John Carroll McDonnell IV), pictured here with our overly excitable dog Ollie

My enabler in all things related to books, caffeine, medicine, and Catholicism. If you ever wanted to meet someone who could quote Chesterton and Jean-Luc Picard while playing a Bach fugue on the piano and diagnosing your kid's ear infection, he's your man. Actually, he's my man. But you know what I mean.

Faith Brigid

Faithy is a four-year-old dynamo who manages to be an unlikely combination of fierce, shy, and hilariously clever.

Josephine Zoe

Josie is the cuddly toddler around these parts, with her roly-poly chub, sweet smile, and trusting eyes... and two-year-old stubborn streak!

Jackson (or, yes, John Carroll McDonnell V)

Jackson is our squishy baby snugglemuffin, who (like most small babies) loves nursing, being rocked, nursing, being held, and nursing. We're still waiting to see what kind of other personality quirks he'll decide to develop!

And finally, a few random things I'm wholly in favor of:

- Doctor Who
- vaccines
- the Oxford comma
- knitting
- cooking with butter and wine
- open-ended toys for kids
- bad puns
- liturgical living

Glad to "meet" you! If you'd like to contact me, head over to the contact page and drop me a line!