Friday, May 2, 2014

seven quick takes friday - ed. 19

1. Spotted a link to this personality profile testing site on a friend's Facebook page. It's less of a comprehensive Myers-Briggs-type personality test, and more of a "what-makes-you-tick-at-work-or-school" test. It's pretty fun though. Here was my result:
Don't make my mistake and go to, which is apparently for wannabe actors. I was very confused for a few minutes.

2. Jack has a "talent" for making up ridiculous songs that he sings to the girls. Sometimes Faith joins in. (Feel free to "awwww.")

3. This is disgusting but also really cool. See what happens when a bloated dead whale gets poked with a stick. Not for the squeamish, obviously.

4. I'm longing to join in the Something Other Than God release party activities, but... Amazon only shipped my pre-ordered copy TODAY. And we live on GUAM, so it's going to take EIGHT DAYS to get here.  WTF, AMAZON?!!????? *insert angry face here* 
If you also want to buy the book and be frustrated by Amazon, click here.

5. I'm a couple days behind, but I just got around to watching this video. Have you seen it yet? This Might Just Be The Best Defense Of Catholicism Since Aquinas. It's worth the 12 minutes. Obviously you don't need to homeschool (or have a lot of kids, for that matter) to be a faithful Catholic, but it kind of emphasizes the joyful counterculturalism of it.

6. Here, read this and laugh:

7. Sometimes I forget how beautiful this island is. Here's an un-edited photo I snapped at the beach last week:
My deepest apologies to those living in the northern half of the US.

But to make you feel better, head over to Conversion Diary for more quick takes!

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