Friday, December 13, 2013

seven quick takes friday - ed. 10

1. We got our Christmas tree on Wednesday!

I didn't realize when I bought it that it had a crooked top like that.  I've decided I'm not going to be annoyed by it, but will instead think of it as our tree having SASS.  Like it's going, "Uh-UH, no you di'n't!"

2. It was actually a HUMONGOUS hassle to get.  We went to the Home Center (the hardware/garden store on base) on Sunday, but pretty much all their trees were gone, except for a few sad little leftovers that were losing their needles.  They had them delivered BEFORE THANKSGIVING, so they had run out by early December.  Wtf?!?  So the guy suggested we go to Home Depot, as he'd heard they had just gotten a shipment.  (Yes, there's only one Home Depot on the island.)  So on Monday I dropped by with the girls, and it turned out that yes, they had gotten a shipment, but it needed to be fumigated, so it wouldn't be ready until Wednesday.

Now, Home Depot is a good 15 miles from our house, but it's less than half a mile from my work.  So it was decided that after work on Wednesday, I would pick up a tree with the girls and then Jack and I would unload it when we got home.

When I got to Home Depot, the tree lot was a CRAZYTOWN PLACE.  Here's how it was set up:
There was a fenced-in area in the parking lot, maybe 30 feet by 50 feet.  One side was open (the entrance).  Two other sides were lined with trees stacked up, leaning against each other in piles, and every few minutes someone let out a subdued shriek as they accidentally knock a tree over.  The last side had employees sawing and wrapping/tying the trees.  And the whole thing was CRAWLING with people.  So how it worked, was you pick a tree, grab it yourself, BRING it to the guys with the saws, go inside and pay for it, then come back out and get it loaded.  So I've got Josie on my hip, Faith wandering around super cranky and almost getting run over by people & trees, trying to drag a fricking full grown tree through a crowd.  And then after we paid, I pulled the car up to the gate and stepped out to get our tree (like 10 feet away, so I left the girls in their car seats), but they couldn't find the tree of the person in front of me, so I'm waiting and waiting and the babies are SCREAMING in the car and OMG IT WAS NIGHTMARISH YOU GUYS.

And it turned out that I had to bring it in the house myself too once we got home, because Jack was stuck at the hospital waiting for a baby to be born.  Feel sorry for me.  I know I do.

(And I think I can be excused for not noticing the crooked top.)

3. On the plus side, we have our tree now.  We'll put on ornaments on Gaudete Sunday!  And all the Christmas cards are signed, stuffed, stamped, and sealed!  (And addressed, but that doesn't start with S and I didn't want to ruin the alliteration.)

4. Just got 12 baby outfits for under $50 at thredUP.  Awesome.  (It turns out that, even though my kids have 5 older girl cousins with accompanying hand-me-downs, our bin of 6-12mo size was mostly long-sleeved.) But remember that Stitch Fix site that I linked to before?  Turns out they don't ship to Guam.  Sadness.

5. Go see A Ten-Month-Old's Letter to Santa.  Hilarious.

6.  This is a great video -- showing double standards that women face.  Not sure why it's an ad by Pantene, but it's a great video nonetheless.  This article gives a little background.

7.  Lately Faith has been bizarrely fearful of... ceiling fans.  She claims they're monsters.  (Or sometimes lions.)  Yesterday we talked about it a LOT, that they're just fans, they make our house cool, they're nice, you can turn them on and off.... we practiced turning them on and off, I lifted her up so she could touch them, etc.... but she's still scared.  Now instead of saying "Scared of the monster!" she says "Scared of the fan!"  I don't know what to do with that.

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