Saturday, December 21, 2013

seven quick takes friday - ed. 11

You guys, how does a week go by so fast?!  I'm such a blogging slacker!  But anyway, today is my 5th wedding anniversary (happy anniversary to MEEE!) so my quick takes will be pertinent to that this week!

("Today" being Friday the 20th when I wrote this, not Saturday the 21st when I hit "publish."  Work with me here.)

1. Jack and I met on the 2nd day of medical school. We had a classmate who was a mutual acquaintance, so we all sat near each other in the lecture hall.  Such a glamorous beginning.

2. We have 2 weird pet names for each other:  "hero" and "slacker." Both were born of Jack's love of mocking me (he would insist that it's a sign of his enduring fondness).  Jack thought it was hilarious that I would call people who skipped lecture "slackers," so he started calling me one.  The "hero" comes from one evening when he made me a cup of coffee while we were studying, and I exclaimed, "Thank you, my hero!" He thought that was hilarious too.

3. I kind of convinced him to go into pediatrics. I mean, I didn't blackmail him or anything, but he was pretty undecided and I kept expounding upon the joys of peds, saying, "You should do it tooooo!! That would be so fuuuuun!!" Etc.

4. It snowed the week before our wedding. It was beautiful.

5. When we were in med school, we were so inseparable that our classmates referred to us as Jemily.

6. He convinced me to love Mexican food and beer.  I convinced him to love Doctor Who and tea.  I think we're pretty even.

7. Here's an "awww" one:  Jack was my first boyfriend.  I spent my teenage years hopelessly nerdy and painfully shy, especially around boys.  I was (*cough*AM*cough*) terrible at flirting.  But luckily we made it past those barriers to WEDDED BLISS, and we've been living happily ever after ever since.  (Everyone who's married can laugh now.)

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  1. Congratulations! :) I was my husband's first girlfriend, and we've been married for 10 years now. It's no bad thing to just go ahead and get it right the first time! :D