Friday, December 6, 2013

seven quick takes friday - ed. 9

1. Happy St. Nicholas day!  Faith left her shoes by the door last night and St. Nicholas left her this book:

Such sweet pictures. Such a cute book (and Faith loves counting).

He left some chocolate coins too, but unfortunately Ollie ate most of them before Faith woke up. There were still a few left, and she didn't know the difference, but I was annoyed (both at Ollie, and at myself for not realizing I needed to put them out of his reach).

2. Our Christmas newsletters are super adorable this year. I ordered custom "infographic style" letters from the Little Miss Mrs Etsy shop. I was very impressed both with the newsletter and the service! I'm excited to send them out!

3. Josie is pleased with herself for learning how to say "da da da."
(Faithy's going in for a kiss at the end there, not attacking. Sometimes it's hard to tell the difference.)

4. I'm going to be covering a couple other pediatricians' offices for a few days early next month. They're solo practitioners who are traveling off-island for the holidays, and they want to have appointments available for their patients for at least a couple of those days.  I don't LOVE the thought of working extra days, but it'll be good to experience other practices to see how they work.  (And, y'know, get extra money.)  A little nerve-wracking, though.

5. The sun rises freakishly early here (like 6am year round) which means Faith has been rising freakishly early too. In an attempt to remedy this, we just got this clock:

It can be set to glow yellow when it's time to sleep, then change to green at whatever time you decide is appropriate for your child to get up. This morning was our first time trying it, and though Faith cried when she realized she wasn't allowed to get up at 6, she did accept the reasoning that "the clock isn't green yet!" and reluctantly agreed to wait quietly in her room until 7.  I have high hopes!

(You can also use it as a regular alarm clock for older kids. And you can set it to speak the time out loud for kids who are learning to tell time.)

6. Sshhhhh... [looks around surreptitiously] Josie has slept through the night for the past 3 nights. Don't say it out loud or you'll jinx it.

7. I don't really believe in jinxes. At least not intellectually. But... I kind of do.  Medical professionals are some of the most superstitious people you'll ever meet. Residents never want to be on call with the "black cloud" (the one who always had bad nights) because you know it'll be crazy busy. If you casually comment, "Wow, it's pretty quiet" in the ER, everyone will immediately glare at you, panic-stricken, and shush you ferociously. It's hard to be a TOTAL skeptic, you know!

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