Saturday, October 26, 2013

seven quick takes friday - ed. 7

Whoops.  Written on Friday, posted on Saturday.  Days-Of-The-Week Fail.

1.  Finished with my board exam, thank goodness!  Jack and I spent the 2 hours afterward going back and forth with "Did you have the question about..." and "What did you put for..." like big nerds.  Also: can anyone explain to me why a computerized exam, which everyone nationwide takes over a single 3-day period, should take 3 months to grade?  Alas.  Anyway, now that I don't have to study every spare minute, I have time to waste on the internet!  Thus the rest of the quick takes are all fun internet-y things I've checked out this week.

My house and I are the opposite of this.  Clearly.

2. "My Parents Brainwashed Me" - a teenaged boy at a "poetry slam" competition talks about how he responded when a classmate told him he was brainwashed by his parents.

3. #overlyhonestmethods is apparently a hashtag used for Twitter confessions about how scientific papers and research projects are not always as science-y as they seem.  Here's a collection of some of the more hilarious ones.  I'm not a bench scientist, but I've had enough experience to know how true these are!

4. Look!  If you give your Starbucks barista these instructions, he or she can make you a Butterbeer Frappuccino!  How yummy does that look?  Too bad there's no Starbucks on Guam.  Sad face.

5. My sweet husband has not only forgiven me my Twice obsession, but he sent me a link to this site on Facebook.  It looks pretty fun -- you give them your size, proportions, price range, and style preferences, and they send you a package of clothes and accessories to try.  You only keep (and thus only pay for) what you like, and send the rest back.  I'll have to try it and report back with the results!

6. Here's a cute video showing the reaction of a bunch of kids after attending an orchestra performance.  This is why kids are great.  They just take things as they see them, without any pretentiousness or trying to impress others.

7. This is a great informative blog about the Catholic teachings on sex, marriage, and contraception which Simcha Fisher linked to a few weeks back, but which I've only just gotten around to checking it out.

That's it! Go to Conversion Diary Clan Donaldson to see more quick takes!

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