Saturday, October 19, 2013

seven quick takes friday - ed. 6

1. I've been going crazy with posting educational health/safety flyers in my exam rooms at work.  I've found them all with my fave Google Image Search... it's kind of addicting, finding good ones.

Some of my favorites:

Any patient in my office will at least have plenty of reading material while they wait for me!

2. I am semi-obsessed with Twice.  The only way I can control myself is just to avoid going to the site at all.  I should tell my husband to blame Dwija.

3.  You guys, studying for the boards is making me crazy.  And I'm not even doing as much studying as I should! You know when you have a big thing that you're preparing for, that you've known about for months and months and months, and you know intellectually that it's coming up (in ONE WEEK!!), but you just can't make yourself be, like, emotionally worried?  I know that point is coming, but it hasn't hit me yet.  I'm all like, "Wow, two weeks... I should get busy," but I'm not at the point where I FEEL the NEED to really crack down on myself.  Of course, it's been so long since I was actually in a school-type setting, that I don't know if I even remember how.  

Yes, I've been studying.  I think I'll be fine.  I just should be studying more.  

The inner nerdy perfectionist grade-grubber in me is always good about making me feel guilty like that.  Basically, I am Hermione Granger.

4. Josie has also been making us KERAAAAZY 'round here with her lack of desire to go to sleep.  Twice in the past week she has been up until past midnight until I finally give in and nurse her to sleep -- which we're ideally trying to avoid, since our goal is to get her to realize that she doesn't, in fact, physically need to be nursing in order to bring about the onset of sleep.  I know we're part of the problem, because she's 4 months old and we're still letting her nap like a newborn -- whenever, wherever -- and we haven't even attempted to institute a bedtime routine.  We're working on that.

5. I've just about finished this book, and I liked it a lot.  It's an easy-to-read nonfiction book about the assumptions we have about child-rearing and how evidence suggests that maybe those assumptions are not so accurate. 

Various topics it addresses include:
-  how constantly praising our kids might have the opposite effect from what we intend
- how to talk to kids about race
- why some siblings get along and others don't
- how to tell (or not) which kids are "gifted" and when

Super interesting.  I recommend it!

6. Anyone here any kind of music nerd?  This is pretty cute.

7. Typhoon Francisco meant that my office was closed yesterday (Friday) so I'm working for half a day today (Saturday), so I consider it legit to post Seven Quick Takes this morning.

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