Wednesday, July 9, 2014

what we're reading wednesday: quiet

Back from California and my impromptu blogging hiatus! I got a lot of reading done on the trip, some from my 2014 Reading Goal list, and some added on just for fun. (A girl can't be expected to stick to ONLY the books on a reading list, can she?!) This means that I'm actually several weeks ahead of myself for these WWRW posts... so let's start with a book I actually finished before I left.

That book was Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World that Can't Stop Talking by Susan Cain. I liked this book a lot, but didn't LOVE it. I thought the subject matter was really interesting-- why some people are introverted, what that actually means, the implications of introversion in a society that values extroversion (and coping mechanisms for how to function in said society!), and the strengths that introverts offer. As an introvert myself, I liked getting a new perspective on the topic. I found some parts kind of empowering-- it made me realize there's nothing wrong with me for wanting to eat lunch at work by myself-- in fact, it's necessary so I can "recharge" for the afternoon. It doesn't make me an antisocial freak, and it doesn't mean that I don't like my coworkers. I just need some space to breathe and regroup.

I didn't LOVE the book because I thought it got a little dry at times. It reminded me of a Malcolm Gladwell book in a lot of ways, but somehow didn't have the same fast-paced feel that made me want to read "just one more chapter!" Nevertheless, I enjoyed it a good deal, learned a lot, and would unhesitatingly recommend it if the topic interests you.

I'll be linking up over at Housewifespice once the post is up (if Jessica's hosting this week-- she's a little busy, if you hadn't heard).

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