Friday, July 18, 2014

seven quick takes - ed. 23

1. Hallelujah! Our internet is finally fixed! The Navy is doing some demolition/construction in the area and apparently the line got messed up somehow as a result. But now, much better.

2. This video is too funny: Mission Impossible Squirrel. Watch as the little guy navigates a Rube-Goldberg-style obstacle course built by creative homeowners.

3. You guys have seen Weird Al's parody of "Blurred Lines," right? It makes my little grammar-nerd heart skip a beat. If you have a little grammar-nerd heart too, and you somehow haven't seen it yet, then you're welcome. If you've already seen it, well, take this opportunity to enjoy it again. (Although he did split an infinitive there at the end-- rather than "try your best to not drool," it really should be "try your best not to drool.") (#grammargeek) (But I understand that wouldn't have fit the rhythm of the song as well.) (Still, though.)

4. This happened in my office this week:

Teenage with pinkeye: "I heard pinkeye has been going viral."
Me (slightly puzzled): "Well, it can be caused by bacteria or viruses..."
Teenager: "I mean, everyone's getting it."
Me: "Ohhh... 'going viral'... gotcha."

The best part is, she wasn't trying to be funny at all. I can't decide whether this little vignette makes me feel old, or smart, or medical, or what. Amused, in any case.

5. Sunscreen will NOT give you cancer, folks. No need for panic.

6. Another scientific mythbuster article: 10 Common Science Myths that Most People Believe.

Sorry, Scarlett Johansson. The whole premise for this movie is, well, false.

7. While we were visiting family in California, everyone wanted to know what Guam was like. However, everyone seemed to be picturing it either as a collection of grass-hut villages:
Image borrowed from here.
Or an adorable brick-sidewalked tourist destination:
Image from here.
It wasn't until we got back that I finally figured out a way to describe what Guam really looks like. First, picture a lush, gorgeous tropical island setting, complete with flowering jungle trees and pristine beaches with clear aqua water (like the island on Lost).

This actually is Guam. (From Wikipedia.)
Then, in the middle of that, drop Modern Suburbia. But it's a Modern Suburbia built entirely from run-down concrete, sheet metal, and chain-link, and with no Starbucks, Target, or modern grocery stores (and a few of the roads don't exactly have names).

This is Guam, too. From here.
To complete the picture, scatter in some elements from third-world Central America, like wandering chickens and stray dogs, and random shacks in the jungle built of corrugated metal tied together.

This is real, too. Got the picture from here, but I've seen the guy many times in real life.
Finally, sprinkle in a few enormous military bases here and there.


Now if you managed to picture all of that at the same time, congrats! You have a general idea of what this crazy place is like!

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