Friday, February 21, 2014

seven quick takes

1. Josie has been a Dr.-Jekyll-and-Mr.-Hyde baby this week. During the day she's her usual sweet, sunshiny self, a joy to be around. But at night she's resisting going to sleep worse than she ever has in her life. She wants to be physically nursing the whole night through. She's decided the crib is totally out of the question, and she'll only sleep in the swing sometimes.

The face of pure bedtime evil.

She doesn't seem to be teething or sick. I'm hoping she's about to hit a motor milestone like crawling, and that's what's disturbing her sleep. Faith never did that, but I've heard it's pretty common. Crossing my tired fingers.

2. Jack and I have been watching Supernatural (we're still a few seasons behind), and while it's a fun and entertaining show, we find ourselves indignantly yelling at the TV about the totally incorrect theology." "What?! Demons are not former humans!!" "Angels are non-corporeal beings of pure intelligence! They don't get embarrassed!!" "Oh, you don't believe in God, but you use rosaries to turn water into holy water?!"

3. Faith doesn't watch much Disney, but lately she's been loving this Cars-spin-off mini movie Mater's Tall Tales. It's cute and funny and basically harmless, but is anyone else slightly troubled by the "sexy girl cars"? I mean, I know they're cartoon cars, and it's not a huge deal, but still.

4. Measles is no joke, you guys. The anti-vaccination movement brings the measles threat back home. Ironically, many people believe that infectious diseases aren't a threat, so vaccines aren't important... precisely because said infectious diseases are no longer common, thanks to vaccines!

5. I can't decide if the weather here is incredibly wonderful or super boring. It's February and the only weather differences from August are that it's about 5 degrees cooler and a little less rainy. Don't get me wrong, it's amazing to be able to go outside in bare feet and short sleeves year-round... but it kind of feels like time is standing still. It feels like there's less of a rhythm to the year here. 

Also, I miss my boots and sweaters.

6. I wish I could go to the Edel Gathering. But Guam is far away, and plane tickets are expensive. (And it's also, like, a sixteen-hour flight to Texas.) Maybe in a few years. This is going to be an annual thing, yes? Yes??

7. Faith got a packet of temporary tattoos from Jack's parents for her birthday, and she loves them. She periodically looks in the mirror and exclaims, "So p'etty! Look at my bullerflies! I pwincess!"

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