Wednesday, February 19, 2014


Enjoy the following from Miss Faith Brigid, aged just-turned-3.

Chillin' like a villain.

Faith: "Look at the moon!"
Me: "Yeah, it's a full moon, isn't it?"
Faith: "I wanna take it."
Me: "What?! You can't take the moon!"
Faith: "P'ease!! I wanna take the moon!"
Me: "You can't, because it's up in the sky."
Faith: (sighing in resignation) "Otaayy."

Faith: (to her hands) "Hands pick a nose?! Stop it, hands!!"

Faith: "All done snack, mommy."
Me: (driving) "Okay, give me the trash."
Faith: "No, it's all gone."
Me: "But where did you put the bag? Did you put it on the floor?"
Faith: "Betause, it's all gone!"
Me: "No, where is it?"
Faith: "Betause, it's all gone!!"
Me: "Did you put it on the floor?"
Faith: "No. Daddy did it."
Me: "Daddy's not even here."
Faith: "Car seat getted the trash? No! Sunglasses getted the trash? No! Wipes getted the trash? No! Water bottle getted the trash? No! It's all gone."
Me: "It's on the floor, isn't it."
Faith: "Um... yeah."

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