Wednesday, February 26, 2014

faith's third birthday photo dump

Okay, guys, I'm taking a foray into full-on mommy blog mode. Brace yourselves. (Also, it's Wednesday here on Guam, but Tuesday in the states, so I'm saying that I didn't actually miss a day of the 7 posts in 7 days challenge. Humor me.)

My Faithy turned three on the 15th! I had a lot of fun making the day fun for her. Win-win.

She woke up to balloons taped all over her room, and then came out to the dining room to find this:

Yeah, the blue painter's tape is totally visible. Faith didn't seem to care.
Her chair at the table was decorated fit for a birthday princess.

We had some friends over for a party. Here was the spread (we had sandwiches too.)

Faith requested chocolate cupcakes with purple frosting. That seemed reasonable to me. I made the mini "Happy Birthday Faith" bunting banner out of washi tape.

The party guests had fun blowing bubbles and drawing with chalk on the patio!

The birthday girl! (And no, she didn't really talk during the party. But that doesn't mean she didn't have an awesome time, because she did.)

That evening at dinner, we had spaghetti (her favorite) and a "family cake."

Here you can see her birthday shirt. "03" for a 3-year-old! (Made with a bleach pen and freezer-paper stencil.)

Admiring her new workbook from Memaw and Papa (my parents)!

Bath crayons from Gangy and Poppop (Jack's parents-- and yes, it's from Arrested Development.)

Her new dollhouse! (The dolls and furniture are from Plan Toys. The house is a bookcase that I "wallpapered" with scrapbook paper.)

It was a successful birthday! I can't believe I have a 3-year-old!


  1. The bookcase dollhouse is brilliant! I love that idea and will definitely remember it for my daughter because I have a ton of those bookcases in my closet!