Saturday, September 28, 2013

gab gab beach photo dump

We always feel happier about living on Guam after we go to the beach.  Without that, it ends up feeling just like any other place to live, except with really expensive gas (they have to ship it to the island), spotty cell phone service, and surprisingly mediocre restaurants.  And, y'know, 8,000 miles from everyone we love.

The past few weekends we haven't managed to get out there -- first we were moving in, then we were unpacking boxes, then it stormed, then Jack was on duty (meaning he could be called to the hospital at any moment).  It was especially sad that it had been so long because we live only a mile from the beach -- literally a two-minute drive.

But yesterday we finally made the trip!

AND Josie rolled over for the first time! See?

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