Saturday, September 21, 2013

seven quick takes friday - ed. 5

1. It's Saturday morning for me, but because it's still Friday evening in the EST zone, I feel justified in posting this.

2. Guam is currently in the middle of what may (likely, they say) develop into a tropical depression -- which is one level below a tropical storm and two levels below a typhoon. Lots of crazy rain, wind, and road flooding.

Fortunately we haven't lost power except for a brief 20-minute period two nights ago when the military was updating the base power grid.

I should say, we haven't lost power SO FAR.

3. Faith loves it. She's always telling me, "Need see rain!" This means she wants to go outside and get soaking wet.  See it with your eyes, not with your hands, kid!  Amirite?

The following conversation occurred after I took the above video:
Me: "Faith! Want to eat dinner?"
Faith (excitedly) "Eat dinner!"
Me (coaxing): "Okay, let's go inside then!"
Faith:  "No, need play water.  Need all wet."

And let me tell you, this kid does not say no to food lightly.

4. She's also taken to singing to herself constantly.  Currently she's playing with puzzles on the floor and singing, "Twintle twintle LITT-OH 'tar! How I wond-oh what you aw!  Up a booboo woo so high, lite a die-mee in da 'ty!" at the top of her lungs.  Last night after we put her to bed, we could hear her in her room singing, "Jesus mommy dis I know! For a BIBE-OH tell me so!"

She could use a little help with some of the lyrics.

5. Yes, this post is a little video-heavy.  But clearly Faith is the cutest two-year-old in the world, so ALL THE BETTER, right?

6. The weather meant my schedule at work was a little.... scanty yesterday.  Seven of my patients cancelled.  Seven out of twelve.  MORE THAN HALF.  Back when I was in residency, on nights when I was on call we would always pray for storms, because the emergency department would be EMPTY and we would get hardly any admissions.

The second part of that always confused me.  I could understand the ED being deserted, because a lot of people come to the ED for things that are not actually emergencies, so you can imagine them being all, "You know what, it looks pretty bad out there, I think we can actually handle this runny nose at home."  But you would THINK, you would THINK that this would leave only the people sick enough to be admitted to the hospital actually braving the weather, and thus the ED would be emptier but the number of admissions would be the same.  But NO.  FEWER patients would be admitted.

This means one of two things.  One - storms meant that kids who should be in the hospital were languishing at home because their parents feel uncomfortable driving.  Or, more likely, we were admitting kids who didn't really need to be admitted.

7. Apropos of nothing:  does anyone else actually enjoy folding fitted sheets, or am I alone in that little quirk?

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