Thursday, September 12, 2013

theme thursday: text

This is the part where I confess that I'm almost 30 years old and still love Harry Potter, and always will.  Especially when I have a cold, like today.  Faith has it too, so I'm not sure whether to blame the kids at daycare or the kids I saw in my office.

Head over to Clan Donaldson for more Theme Thursday pics!


  1. Check out my picture. I think we'd be friends. :) I may or may not read then every year on the last week of July in honor of Harry's birthday...

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    2. Ha! I saw your picture and was about to comment! I love those books. My husband doesn't get it, even though I've read him this post:

      (This was the same as the comment I removed, I just formatted it better. Sorry to be confusing.)

  2. Nothing more enticing than an open book: great shot!

  3. Love it! I'm 36 and still a fan. HP fo-evah!

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    1. Thanks! I've been playing around with the Oggl app - it's similar to Hipstamatic except you can also apply the effects to pictures you already took with the regular camera.