Friday, September 13, 2013

seven quick takes friday - ed. 3

1.  One of our cars arrived!  No more rental, though we are still struggling to live as a one-car family until our other one arrives.

2. This is especially tricky when Jack is "on duty" as he is now.  At any moment this week, he could be called to come to the hospital for an emergency delivery (to care for the baby in the delivery room), for an ER consult, or by a parent with a question.  This means that I can't, for instance, run to the store and leave him at home with the babies, because what if he got called in?  We can't even really go to a restaurant, because if he got called in, we'd have to quick ask for the bill, get our food boxed up (if it had even arrived yet), drop me and the girls at home, then drive to the hospital - no way he'd make it in time.  At least he doesn't have to spend the night IN the hospital like in residency.  (This is a point of some confusion for family members and friends of medical residents.  When an attending physician is "on call," generally he or she is at home but can be reached by phone or pager.  When residents are "on call," it just means they're at the hospital working, but it's overnight or on a weekend.)  Though in some ways it feels almost more disruptive/nerve-wracking to be able to be called in from home.

3. This little guy was hanging out by our front door yesterday.  (This picture was taken outside.)  A teeny one got into our house, but I managed to get him out unharmed.

4. I'll be super bummed when Faith corrects her pronunciation of certain words.  For now, "choochie" = cookie, "dot-tow" = doctor, "panpape" = pancake, etc.  Oh, and her name is "Faif."  Or "Faity."  So cute.

5. Still unpacking boxes.  Never-ending piles of boxes, seemingly.  Isn't it funny that you don't realize how much junk you have until you move it?  "EIGHT boxes from the linen closet?  How did our linen closet even hold that much?  Is it, like, bigger on the inside or something?"

6.  I love Doctor Who.

7.  Speaking of, we just watched the Snowmen episode for the first time last night.  We missed that one the first time around, which made the season finale extremely confusing.  Makes more sense now.

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