Wednesday, July 22, 2015

ladybug birthday party

Just a month and a half late, no biggie!

We celebrated Josie's 2nd birthday party with a ladybug party. I'm apparently turning into one of those Pinterest party moms, and you know what? I LIKE IT.

My name is Emily, and I am a Pinterest party mom. (Hi, Emily!)

So if you're curious, here was my Pinterest inspiration board for the party.

We invited folks (via Facebook) with this little banner, made on PicMonkey:

The decor:

This was "pin the spot on the ladybug." It was perfect for toddlers because you can stick the spot anywhere. It was mostly just fun getting them dizzy first.

 The food:

licorice bites and white chocolate popcorn with red sprinkles
I admit, I kind of squealed at the cuteness while making these

There was homemade pizza for dinner:

And there were ladybug Rice Krispie treats:

We had a pull-piƱata, to which everyone contributed candy (instead of bringing gifts):

The cake was a round chocolate cake with red frosting, and Oreos for the ladybug spots:

The girls had a lot of fun with their friends... and even the adults wore the ladybug antennae headbands.

And at the end of the party we walked to the playground at the end of the street.

It was just how I like my toddler/preschooler birthday parties... adorable and fun, but pretty low-key and unstructured overall. (One of our 3-year-old guests proclaimed it "the best party ever," which I take as the very great compliment that it is... though it may have been related to the copious amounts of candy that were present. I make no apologies.)

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