Friday, June 6, 2014

seven quick takes friday - ed. 22

1. I finally signed up for Spotify and it. Is. Awesome. I spent way too much time yesterday trolling other people's playlists and shamelessly stealing their ideas for my own.

2. I read this article the other day: The day I left my son in the car. Very interesting take on how parenting has changed to be much more supervisory of our kids than it used to be. Is it so bad to let kids out of your sight? Or rather, the question is really-- why is it SO MUCH WORSE than it used to be?

3. I'm really doing it-- tomorrow I'm going to chop my hair short. Shorter than I've ever gone before-- the shortest I've ever gone was a jaw-length bob at the beginning of med school:

 I'm scared. But excited. But scared. I don't want it to end up looking mannish or old-lady-ish or like a frizzy mop. Pray for me. (After a quick Google search, I've learned that St. Martin de Porres is the patron saint of hairdressers. Who knew? St. Martin de Porres, pray for us!)

4. So after years of refusing to watch, I'm finally hooked on The Walking Dead (I'm only on Season Two, but I'm moving fast). I know I mentioned once that I kind of have a phobia of zombies... which is why it took me this long to start watching. (I watched the first episode a long time ago but ended up in tears from terror when Rick was under the tank.... gah!!!) I still find zombies to be fundamentally upsetting-- a point I maintain is objectively true if you really think about them-- but I've managed to realize that they're just a trope for the show. They're good for startling you and making you jump, and they're pretty gross, but really they're kind of silly. They're like the baddies in Pac-Man-- they chase you around trying to chomp you, but they don't hold any malice toward you, they won't gain your trust and then betray you, they're not plotting against you. They're not immoral, they're just dangerous animals who are horrifying because they're corpses. They're not even the point of the show; they just create a situation for the real bad guys-- the humans-- to reveal themselves. It's a good show. (It still can't be the last thing I watch before I go to bed though, or I will have nightmares. My subconscious doesn't acknowledge my reasonable arguments about zombies.)

5. Here's a blog post you should read: To the lady ashamed of being pregnant with her fourth. I know this topic has been discussed by many much more eloquent than I (cough*simchafisher*cough), but it's always worth re-addressing. When did having a lot of kids (whatever "a lot" means) become something horrifying to our society? And why, especially when the family in question is happy?

6. Two serious takes in a row?! What the heck?! Here, have a science comic:
Source: Beatrice the Biologist
7. And look! COOKIE SCIENCE! The science behind baking the most delicious cookie ever.

I think these findings demand extensive confirmatory research. In my kitchen. And my mouth.

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  1. #7 Fascinating! After having some cookies from a trusted recipe go horribly wrong (OK, fine, we're still eating them) last weekend, that's so helpful.

    1. It's really pretty hard to mess up cookies SO BADLY as to make them inedible. Or maybe that's just a sign of how much I love cookies...

  2. #2: I went all high blood pressure after reading that article. had one heck of a discussion on FB about it. It's appalling, considering everyone I've talked to has had the same bad reaction to what happened to her, that her situation could have happened at all.

    #7: I'm totally printing that. We need it.

    1. I know, right? Like, yeah, it WAS a mistake to leave her son in her car. But it's something ANY PARENT could've done-- and more importantly, her son was FINE!