Sunday, April 13, 2014

30 things about me on my 30th birthday

Yup, I'm thirty today. The big three-oh. This is the age when you finally feel like a grown-up, right? (Hahahahaha!) Anyway, without further ado...

1. I think I've mentioned this before, but I was born on a Friday the 13th, so I've always joked that they're lucky for me.

2. When I was four I wanted to be an archaeologist so I could dig up dinosaur bones. From age five through sixteen I wanted to be a doctor. Then during my senior year of high school and freshman year of college I had a moment of doubt, and rapid-cycled through wanting to be an optometrist, a book editor, and a speech therapist. By the time I was nineteen I had settled on doctor again.

3. I was baptized Lutheran, but we began attending an evangelical megachurch when I was about eight. I attended the affiliated Christian middle school and high school. There were 75 kids in my graduating class.

4. So yes, I'm an Evangelical-to-Catholic convert! Five years this Easter!

5. I was painfully shy during adolescence, especially around boys. I would get all red and tongue-tied (it still makes me squirm with embarrassment to think back on it). So I didn't have a boyfriend until I was 22, and two years later I married him.

6. Random fact: I'll eat or drink, and probably adore, anything pumpkin-flavored. Yum.

Yes, please.

7. I was a total band geek in school. I was in the marching band all four years of college (yes, college!). It was so much fun. All my best friends from college were band friends. (I play the flute.) (Not very well.)

8. I'm a geek in multiple other arenas, too: I love Tolkien, Star Trek (NextGen all the way!), Harry Potter, and Doctor Who. I love science and grammar and learning. (Let's not talk about the high school math team.) I'd rather read than go to a party. It's okay; I've embraced it.

9. I knit (and crochet a bit) too. Is that geeky?

10. Speaking of geekiness, I've worn glasses (or contacts) since I was eight. I'm blind as a bat without them.

11. I'm still not as geeky as my "little" (6'2" tall 28-year-old) brother. He's, like, tabletop-gaming, MMORPGing, comic-con-attending geeky. None of which is necessarily a bad thing. Love you, Sam!

12. I also have 2 older sisters, Jessica and Bethany, who were 14 and almost-12 when I was born. Yeah, there's quite a gap. My parents had initially thought they would be "done" after two, but later changed their minds... luckily for me!

Thanksgiving 2010
13. Via my sisters, I have eight amazing nieces and nephews, ranging in age from five to thirteen. The fact that Alayna is going to be in high school this fall makes me feel older than celebrating my 30th birthday!!

Easter 2009

14. Random fact: my favorite flowers are daisies. I love how simple and cheerful they are.

15. Things people would not necessarily expect of me: I love roller coasters. I've seriously considered getting a tattoo (and still might). I would totally go skydiving or bungee-jumping if given the opportunity.

16.  I was always one of the shortest kids in school growing up. But I was a late bloomer and just kept growing after everyone else stopped. Now I'm five-foot-ten.

17. I'm fascinated by the idea of synesthesia. I'm kind of jealous of people who have it. My only quirk in that direction is that I sometimes write 4 when I mean F, and vice versa. Apparently in my subconscious they're basically the same thing.

18. I took acrobatics lessons for six years, tap-dancing lessons for eight years, and piano lessons for ten years as a kid. I could still fumble through the Moonlight Sonata for you, or shuffle-hop-flap-flap-buffalo-cramp-roll. I could not still do a back-handspring.

19.  I've become a tiny bit of a foodie. I like cooking and baking, and I've started wanting to use, like, good-quality ingredients and equipment. It wasn't on purpose; it kind of sneaked up on me. (I don't know why I'm embarrassed about it. Maybe it feels pretentious or something?)

20. I'm an excellent sleeper. I almost never have any difficulty falling or staying asleep. (Faith takes after me.) Jack is not. (Josie takes after him.)

21. When I was little, I had hair almost long enough to sit on.

22. I love coffee. And tea. And chocolate. As you can see, I have multiple routes of caffeination available to me.

23. I spent both of my pregnancies as a pediatric resident. Residents work (on average) almost 80 hours a week and only get one weekend off a month. It's been less than a year since I graduated, but I still kind of can't believe I used to live like that.

24. I have an irrational fear of zombies. Not, like, I think they're real or anything. But zombie movies are way scarier to me than to most people. I just find them... fundamentally upsetting and disturbing. Guys, I had nightmares after watching Shaun of the Dead. And that's a comedy. For real, it's pathetic.

25. I have a passport but I've never gotten it stamped. How sad is that?? (We all got them before coming to Guam in case we got stuck in Tokyo on a layover. And then we didn't end up laying over in Tokyo after all, due to a long and frustrating series of events.)

26. I lived in Ohio for the first 26 years of my life. Yup, I'm a Midwestern girl at heart.

27. A goal that's been on my bucket list since I was a kid is to ride in a hot air balloon. 

28. My dad taught me how to make pancakes, ride a bike, build a treehouse, draw, play chess, shovel snow, solve brain teasers, check my car's tire pressure, and unclog a sink. He's kinda the man.

I don't know why I look so miserable in this picture. I think the sun was in my eyes or something.
29. My secret shame: I sort of enjoy country music. Blame my sister Bethany.

30. Some people say their younger selves would be surprised if they could see them today. For me, it's less so, I think. I always wanted to be a doc, get married, and have kids. The only thing my 20-year-old self would not have predicted would be that I'd become Catholic. (Well, and the Guam thing. Because, be honest-- can you point to Guam on a map?)

Now you can!

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