Sunday, March 2, 2014


Whoops. Looks like I have to use the "time difference" thing to justify this counting as my Saturday post for the 7 Posts in 7 Days challenge.

Here are a few scenes from our life here lately:


Faith has been composing her own songs lately. Here's her latest:

"Jumpin' on the bed!
On the, on the,
Jumpin' on the bed!
And oh, and oh,
Jumpin' on the bed!
Oh, what! Oh, what!
In the moon-a-light,
Oh, what a sight!
Jumpin' on the bed!"


Yesterday Faith was being particularly whiny before dinner, so when we sat down to eat, Jack told me to pour myself some wine-- which I was happy to do. As I brought my wine glass and my mug of tea that I was still finishing over to my seat, I reflected that those two drinks are the perfect combination for relaxation. Right?


Jack is "on duty" this week-- which means that he's in charge of all pediatric patients admitted to the hospital, ER consults, parent phone calls, etc. He has his cell phone set so that whenever he gets a call from work, it yells at him in a Dalek voice, "Your mobile is ringing! Answer! Answer!! Or you will be exterminated!!!" We get a kick out of it, though he does allow that it's kind of embarrassing when it rings while he's in a patient's room.


Faith and Josie took a bath together for the first time last night. When I poured water over Josie's head to rinse out the shampoo, Faith started shrieking and crying, "Josie sad!!! Josie got water on a face!!!! Josie cry!!!!" Josie, meanwhile, was blinking placidly. Think someone is projecting her own fears, much?

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