Saturday, March 8, 2014

seven quick takes friday - ed. 17

1. Faith composed this song while (surprise, surprise) jumping on the bed:

Jumpin' on the bed!
On the, on the,
Jumpin' on the bed!
And oh, and oh,
Jumpin' on the bed!
Oh, what! Oh, what!
In the moon-a-light,
Oh what a sight!
Jumpin' on the bed!

We should sign her with a record label immediately, right?

2. This is pretty cool: 28 Mind-Blowing Facts That Will Completely Change Your Perception of Time. They are pretty mind-blowing.

3. It seems as though every parent I see in my clinic since coming to Guam has no idea that tea contains caffeine. Preschoolers are guzzling iced tea by the bottle in my office... is it any wonder bedtime doesn't go smoothly?

4. Look at this! Remember last year when the news was all over that baby who was seemingly cured of HIV? Well, it looks like there might be another one!

5. Only on Guam... the ER doesn't have the capability to swab patients for strep throat.

6. I'm working on culling all the monthly photos I've taken of Josie so far. It's funny, you don't feel like they're changing that much from day-to-day, but when you look back, it's crazy!

7. Aaaaaand that's all I've got. And I'm STILL cheating and pretending I'm on EST so I can post this late.

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