Friday, January 3, 2014

seven quick takes friday - ed. 12

1. Yesterday I worked "locum tenens"-- which is like being a substitute teacher, but for doctors. It was fine, but kind of weird. I felt like I wasn't sure what I was "allowed" to do-- for instance, I prescribe fluoride supplements to all my patients (which is the official recommendation for kids in areas where the tap water isn't fluoridated), but the docs I was covering for, it seems, don't.  So I didn't.  Some of medicine is cut-and-dry, black-and-white, but much of it varies with each physician's "style."

2. I'm planning on giving Faith a dollhouse for her third birthday (next month!) and omg, you guys, have you seen the Plan Toys dollhouse furniture? I can't get over how cute they are in their simple, sturdy way.

Sorry this picture is so blur-tastic.  It was the only (okay, the first) one I found with multiple sets in one photo.

3. Faith is cracking me up recently. The latest thing she says, "Oh my dosh!"  (She doesn't really say her Gs yet, so it's extra cute.)   As in, "Oh my dosh, why you sad, Josie?" or "Oh no, dropped it!  Oh my dosh!  Need help, mama!"

4.  Ever wanted to become a Ring Wraith? Look no further!

5. Has anyone ever made any of these "microwave [insert food here] in a mug" things?  The pictures always look delicious, but I'm a little skeptical.  Very tempted, but skeptical.  Although, I guess, what's the worst that could happen, right?  It's not like it's a big time investment.

6. On New Year's Day we went to mass at the base chapel.  The priest made an interesting point during the homily made an interesting point:  most New Year's resolutions are actually wishes-- to lose weight, to be a better spouse, to read more, exercise more, eat better, draw closer to God, whatever.  A real resolution would be to say "every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday I will jog for 30 minutes" or "I will set my alarm 15 minutes earlier and use that time for prayer" or "I will wash the dishes in the evenings without complaining to my husband."  That way you're actually resolving to do something-- a specific action-- to achieve your goal.

7. With that in mind, I hereby make a resolution to blog at least 3 times a week, AND to comment on others' blogs at least that often as well.

Happy New Year!  Go see more Quick Takes at Conversion Diary!


  1. I've made the microwave cake in a mug a couple of times and it's actually not that bad! It's quite dense, but springy at the same time... And I've found that it's a very large portion for one person. Definitely give it a shot, it's a nice quick treat!

    1. Yay for testimonials! I'm gonna go for it this weekend!