Friday, August 23, 2013

seven quick takes friday - ed. 2

1- Our household goods arrive today!!!!!!!!  We've basically been living out of suitcases for a month and a half, with generic loaner furniture now since moving into our house, so this is SUPER exciting.

2- They can't pick up the loaner furniture until Monday.  The weekend may be a bit crowded around these parts.

3- Josie, amazingly, slept through the night on Tuesday and Wednesday nights.  On Tuesday night, Faith woke up crying with a bad dream.  On Wednesday night, Faith fell out of bed and cried, and then a few hours later woke up asking for a drink of water.  Last night Faith slept through the night like her normal, sleep-trained self.  Josie woke up at 3am to nurse.  I recognize that all of this is perfectly reasonable toddler and baby behavior. But maybe they could get together and try to coordinate, so that I can maybe sleep through the night at least once?  (Cue laughter from all parents of more than one child.)

4- I'm officially licensed to practice medicine on Guam!  Woohoo!  Did I already talk about that in a previous post?  I do t remember, and I don't care much, because I'm composing this post during the forementioned 3am nursing session.

5- Now I just need to get credentialed with the various insurance companies accepted by my office.  This is a weird process because they all have their own long, complicated application packets they want me to fill out, which aren't standardized at ALL.  They all want to know my license information, but otherwise it's a crap shoot.  Some want to know where I went to med school, some don't care.  Some ask for references, some don't.  One wants a copy of my college diploma.  One wants to know how many CME credits I have.  One wants to know whether I plan on working part-time (yes), and if so, why?  It's kind of bizarre.

6- I also need to be studying for the Boards, which I take in October.  This is not going as well as planned.  Yesterday I spent most of the girls' nap time on the phone with our internet provider because our internet wasn't working.  Then I got 5 practice questions done!  Aaaaand then Faith woke up and demanded a snack and a re-reading (complete with hand motions) of her current favorite book.  They should make an Etsy print saying, "Mommy, I'm sorry we don't let you study for the Boards as much as you need to!  Just kidding. I don't care."  (Kidding. They shouldn't make that.  It would be a poor investment.  I would buy one, but I can see how that would have slightly less mass appeal than the one linked above.)

7- ALSO, I need to work on writing a research paper.  My last year of residency I did a research project that I got to present at a poster session in our hospital, and my mentor wants us to turn it into a paper to publish.  Which is great, because - publishing a paper!  Awesome!  But it needs to be submitted over the next couple of months, which... is also the couple of months that include "studying for boards," "starting a new job," and "moving into our house on the other side of the world."  Fun fun fun!

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  1. Wow! Sounds like you are a busy lady. I'm impressed by your ability to blog while nursing...especially at 3 am. Now that is multitasking!

    1. Gotta do something to stay awake!