Friday, June 5, 2015

{p/h/f/r} - tropical weirdness & silly babies

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A strange thing about living close to the equator is the way the days are pretty much the same length year-round (not to mention the lack of seasonal variation in weather). It really weirded me out when we first moved here; it felt like summer, it was JULY for goodness' sake-- not that that makes much difference here-- and yet the sun was setting before 7pm. It also rises by around 6am every day... which tends to lead to early-rising toddlers as well. But one benefit of being up with the sun is getting to walk into your back yard and see this:


I mentioned in my last post about the free printable high-contrast images for newborns that I love. I claimed newborns love them too, and here I present Video Proof! Soak in the excited baby limb-flailing and fast breathing! (Oh, and a cameo from Josie.)


These are Faith's favorite socks. She wears them year-round. I've considered taking them out of her drawer and putting them away (on the closet shelf? with the seasonal decor? in the trash?), but I mean... if jack-o-lantern socks made ME that happy, I'd wear them too.


Having three little kids who are reasonably close in age is great. They love each other dearly. Faith and Josie play fantastically together (or, well, as fantastically as one could expect a toddler and preschooler to play). But then there are also times like these:


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  1. I'm not a big commenter, but I have to comment right now....
    My son is obsessed with wearing his jack-o-lantern socks too! And it drives me NUTS because I'm always taking pictures, and he'll have a nice outfit on with bright orange Halloween socks! He insists on wearing a pair of socks to bed, so I try to get them off as soon as he wakes up. It cracked me up to see that your daughter likes Halloween socks, too.

    Also, I made the one pot meal you posted about recently (the pasta with tomatoes, chicken, I can't remember what else) and it was DELICIOUS! Thank you for posting! I'd love links to any other recipes you and your family love. :)

    1. How funny! Jack-o-lantern socks must have universal preschooler appeal or something. Also, I'll totally have to do a roundup of our favorite Easy Recipes... I collect them obsessively (and um, may or may not organize them in Evernote, sorting them with dozens of folders and tags...) (Hint: I totally do.)

    2. I would LOVE it if you shared your recipes!!!