Thursday, November 7, 2013

thing one and thing two

It's funny how you can't help comparing your second baby to your first.

Faith is an amazing, fierce mixture of overwhelming shyness and stubborn ferocity, quick to giggle and be silly, but a bit high-strung and prone to tantrums -- and her moods can flip faster than you'd believe!  She's smart and curious, but shrinking and quiet around strangers.

Josie isn't even 5 months old yet, but I can already tell how different she is. She's a mellow, sunshiny sweetie-pie with a huge smile and a soft chuckle, who loves nothing more than a good snuggle (except maybe eating). The only time she cries is when she wants to nurse or be cuddled, or preferably both.

It's funny how you're different with the second one, too.  Every stage Faith is in, I think of as so amazing and so crazy that I could have a child that mature.  While with Josie -- I love each stage, but I always find myself looking ahead to the next one.  Like, "Okay, Josie, time to start rolling!" or "Omg when are you going to sleep longer than 5 hours at a time?!"

Even the little, unimportant things are noticeably different. When Faith was a baby, I was working A LOT, and pumping for all but one or two feedings a day.  She was cared for at home by Jack's sister Clare initially, and then by our au pair Marcelle. So when she started solids, I was all, "YES!! One less bottle to pump!"  But with Josie, I'm the one who's home most of the time (I'm working one full day and two half-days a week). And dudes -- starting solids is kind of a pain. When you're nursing, you can have your hands (or at least one hand) and eyes occupied with other things... such as, say, writing this blog post. Not so when you're trying to wrestle spoonfuls of puréed peas into the uncoordinated mouth of a wiggly infant. 

I don't really have any profound (or even not-so-profound) summary paragraph to offer. So in lieu of that, have a cute baby picture!

Aren't those the most delicious cheeks you've ever seen?

Next post: belated Halloween fun! (The fun wasn't belated; the post about it is.)

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